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From our exquisite Black Opal Package with 10 hours of filming and a 6-10 minute cinematic wedding highlight film, to the elegant Sapphire Package with 6 hours of filming and a 3-5 minute highlight film, each package is designed to capture the essence of your special day in stunning detail.

With add-ons including ceremony films, first dance films, and the option for multiple-day coverage, we ensure that no moment goes unnoticed. Plus, our drone services provide breathtaking aerial perspectives, adding a unique and captivating dimension to your wedding memories.

Our expert team of videographers, armed with state-of-the-art equipment, will skillfully craft your footage into a final product that exceeds your expectations. With digital film delivery and the option for USB or Google Drive, reliving your wedding day has never been easier.

Trust Black Fox Pictures to preserve the magic of your wedding day with our exceptional videography services. Contact us today to create a personalized package that beautifully captures your love story.

Cinematic Highlight Film

Our expert team captures the most beautiful and memorable moments, weaving them into a captivating cinematic experience that allows you to truly relive the essence and emotion of your special day. Let us transform your wedding into an unforgettable masterpiece that you'll treasure forever.


Ceremony Film

Our skilled videographers will beautifully document your entire ceremony, from the grand entrance to the joyous exit as a married couple. With multiple camera angles and expertly edited footage, we ensure that every heartfelt exchange and significant detail is preserved, allowing you to relive the magic of your wedding ceremony for years to come.


First Dance Films

We capture the elegance and emotions of your first dance as a newlywed couple, and if desired, we can also film the touching moments of additional first dances with family members. Our expert videographers will craft exquisite films that encapsulate the love and joy shared during these unforgettable dances, providing you with precious memories to treasure for a lifetime.


Drone Services

Capture breathtaking aerial views of your big day, offering a stunning bird's eye perspective that adds a touch of magic to your special day. Our skilled drone operators will navigate the skies, providing you with awe-inspiring footage that showcases the beauty of your venue and creates unforgettable memories from a unique and captivating angle.

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