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Finished Projects

Our finished and published projects!

Robin and the Kid.jpg


Short - A convenience store burglar steals a car that happens to have a kid in it. With kidnapping added to his list of crimes, the burglar tries to easy the kids worries. However, the kid doesn't seem to care. The two soon find out that they are not so different.


Short - During a particularly boring day at work, a security guard faces ever increasing challenges as he tries to make himself a pizza pocket.

Slow Times.webp
Welcome Aboard.webp


Short - Have you ever had one of those days?


Short - This movie will NOT give you fright

Except for on the darkest of nights

True Horror is exposed

As Emotions Arose

Never let your girlfriend out of sight

This is not a scary movie.webp


Short - A Dreamer must confront their past grief.


Short - Your epiphany will come at any moment.



Short - There is always someone with you...even when you think you are all alone.


Mini Doc - Back in January, I met with Roy Ghim, and talked about the ongoing issue with an intersection that has caused trouble for years! I had initially met Roy back in 2015 at Area 31, a local film studio in Downtown Frederick. With a shared love for film and the arts, our friendship caught wind quick! Roy has been advocating for change at 9th & Motter ever since we became friends on Facebook and I wanted to help tell his side of things with living on this very street where all this madness occurs! Hoping for change, but of course wanting to bring caution to drivers and newcomers to our great town!

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